Tips For Outdoors Vacations With Children During Winter

Families are trying their best to spend more time outdoors especially with their children. With the ever increasing hectic lifestyle and busy work and school schedules, taking advantage of all the holidays you get seem to be their goal. Therefore harsh climates such as winter are not keeping these families indoors. These parents are known for taking initiatives and learning about traveling with their children for outdoor activities even in harsh climates, which is a good thing. With that in mind here are some tips you may want to consider when planning your next vacation.

  • Short walks first: when getting children involved in outdoor activities it is important to start small. If this is going to be your first trip or hike, then best is to get them started on smaller walks to help them with their endurance and strength. This might also get them interested in the whole idea about walking outside in the cold and get them used to wearing their hiking gear. Being consistent and starting slowly will help them get used to the whole process better.
  • Stay hydrated: drinking lots of water is important in the summer, but you need to keep in mind that equal amounts are required in winter as well. Children on long walks can get cranky faster if they are dehydrated, so make sure that you pack a lot of juices or water in no spill bottles and make sure they sip them frequently. Spill proof bottles are important because a spill can really make you cold when staying outside during winter.
  • Layers of clothes: the weather can change drastically in winter and as you keep walking chances are that you might start felling slightly warmer. Therefore make sure your kids snow gear includes clothing in several layers that they can shed if the weather gets too hot. Make sure they wear a vest, long sleeve t shirts with the outer most layers being an insulating coat or jacket. Gloves, socks and hoodies are also a must and must be carried if not worn initially.
  • Snacks: kids love to nibble on the go, so it is important that you pack a lot of snacks that they can much along the way. But don’t limit the snacks to sweets and candy, try to pack high protein snacks they can much as well, these will give them more energy and keep them going for longer.

    These are some tips you can make use of for your next outdoor vacation. Apart from this make sure to take loads of photos and have a lot of fun as well. They will be great memories to hold on to for years to come.